Film Festival

WGC-2019 Film Festival Program

The film festival submission is now closed.

With an anticipated international audience of over 2000 participants from around 100 countries, the WGC-2019 Film Festival is a great platform to showcase your glaucoma themed film.

The top 30 film submissions as judged by the Program Planning Committee will be shown in the Film Theater at least twice during WGC-2019 and special prizes will be awarded to the three winning films. The film submissions should directly or indirectly relate to glaucoma.

Guidelines for Film Submission

  1. Up to three (3) films per producer will be accepted. The primary producer may be co-producer of other films.
  2. The producer must be a registered delegate for the World Glaucoma Congress 2019.
  3. Authors send their film to the Congress Organizer via WeTransfer before October 1, 2018. No films submitted after the deadline will be accepted for judging.
  4. December 3, 2018, all authors will be informed on the decision to accept or reject the film.
  5. If a film is accepted, an abstract of the film must be submitted via a dedicated film festival abstract submission website before January 4, 2019 for inclusion in the online abstract book.
  6. Theme(s) of the film(s) must be related to glaucoma directly or indirectly.
  7. All the films will be reviewed by our panel of judges that comprises leading experts in the field.
  8. Up to 30 top films will be shown in the Film Theater during the congress. There will be prizes for the best 3 films. The decision of the judges is final.
  9. Films must not exceed 8 minutes including opening, introduction and closing acknowledgments. Films should not promote the use of any commercial product.
  10. The World Glaucoma Congress 2019 holds the non-exclusive copyright for all materials to be presented at the Congress and in the Program Book.
  11. All presentations and materials must be in English.
  12. Opening must include financial interest statement. Financial and proprietary disclosures should be placed right after the title of the film.
  13. Acknowledgement should be given to relevant contributors.


Checklist for Film Submission

  1. Limit: 3 films submissions per producer.
  2. Length: Films must not exceed 8 minutes including opening, introduction and closing acknowledgments.
  3. Judging criteria:
    1. Scientific content
    2. Applicability / educational value
    3. Clarity
    4. Cinematic / technical excellence
    5. Format and rules compliance: e.g. financial interest disclosure
    6. Other criteria as deemed appropriate by the panel of judges
  4. Title: Enter the title in the message box of WeTransfer when sending the film. The title should describe the material appropriately.
  5. Abstracts: An abstract of not more than 80 words is mandatory for the accepted films and must be submitted through a dedicated Film Festival abstract submission website. Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted in the online abstract book. You will receive a link to this website once your film is accepted.
  6. Format: The film should be produced in the following format: MP4 (1280 x 720 resolution).
    Please ensure that the film is in the correct format. We strongly recommend that you preview your film in a system other than the one on which it was produced before submission to the World Glaucoma Congress 2019.
  7. Deadline: The film must be received by the Congress Organizer on or before October 1, 2018. Please send your film via, address it to and enter the producer’s name and film title in the WeTransfer message box.


The official language of the congress is English.


The Hippocrates Glaucoma Foundation, based upon an agreement with the World Glaucoma Association, organizes the World Glaucoma Congress with the aim of providing education and scientific discourse in the field of glaucoma. The Hippocrates Glaucoma Foundation accepts no responsibility for any products, presentations, opinions, statements or positions expressed by speakers at the congress. Inclusion of material in the scientific program does not constitute any endorsement by The Hippocrates Glaucoma Foundation. Material includes, but is not limited to, abstracts (PowerPoint/Keynote), presentations, videos, audio files, (Film Festival) films and hard copy handouts.

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