OCT Imaging

OCT imaging takes an ever increasing role in glaucoma management. In this course, participants will learn to recognize artefacts in OCT imaging for glaucoma diagnosis. They will also learn to judge the quality of the images. In a next step, they will learn to interpret the images and how they may assist them in the management of glaucoma. This will all be done by examining many images (both structural and functional) of a multitude of clinically interesting cases, supported by evidence from larger studies, if required. The design of the programme is highly interactive. An active participation of the participant is expected.

Date: Thursday March 28
Time: 3.45-6.00 pm
Price: AUD$ 40
Course organizer: Hans Lemij (The Netherlands)
Room: Room 110 (1st floor)

3D Optic Disc course

The 3D optic disc course is based on evidence. The European optic disc assessment trial (EODAT) showed how poorly general ophthalmologists are capable of judging optic discs. The trial also showed that training matters. Based on the input from the three best graders in the EODAT trial, a course was put together (in 3D) that teaches participants all the basics of assessing optic discs. In 2.5 hours, the participants, each viewing their own screen with the stereoscopic display of optic discs, get to know which features are most important for making a diagnosis of glaucoma.

Date: Friday March 29
Time: 3.45-6.30 pm
Price: AUD$ 40
Course organizer: Hans Lemij (The Netherlands)
Room: Room 110 (1st floor)

HFA visual fields course

Visual fields play an important role in the management of glaucoma. There are, however, many pearls and pitfalls in their interpretation. In a highly interactive fashion, the participants will learn how to correctly interpret Humphrey visual fields. This highly acclaimed course has been an eyeopener to many clinicians all over the world.

Date: Saturday March 30
Time: 8.30-11.30 am
Price: AUD$ 40
Course organizer: Hans Lemij (The Netherlands)
Room: Room 216 (2nd floor)



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