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We thank all participants for making WGC-2019 a success. We hope that you are enjoying a wonderful afterglow of a successful meeting. We will soon post all recorded sessions. In the meantime, do not forget to obtain your certificate of attendance / CME points.

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We hope to welcome you in Kyoto in 2021!

About WGC-2019

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne welcomes you to WGC-2019.

Keith Martin welcomes you to WGC-2019.

Fabian Lerner welcomes you to WGC-2019.

Important Dates

March 24, 2021

Mark your calendar: WGC-2021, Kyoto

Melbourne, Australia

Did you know?
Today Melbourne is Australia’s second biggest city, with a population of 4.1 million.
The iconic and famous Australian spread, Vegemite, was invented in Melbourne in 1922, and is still only produced in Melbourne. Make sure to put some on your toast!
Before Canberra, Melbourne has been the capital of Australia from 1902 until 1927.

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